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Elves of Aman
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INGWION-Son of Ingwe, leader of the Vanyar

TINTALLE-Ingwion's wife

FINARFIN-Son of Finwe, father of Finrod, leader of the Noldor from Aman

FINROD Felagund-Now returned in bodily form to Aman, has joined Army of the West for the Great Battle.

GALADRIEL-Finarfin's daughter, previously living in Doriath and learning from Melian, in love with Celeborn.

MAEDHROS-Nelyafinwe Maitimo, Russandol, Nelyo, eldest son of Feanor, now a leader of a diminished people who remain followers of his family, carries Annatar's One Ring, wears the Ring of Air made by Curufin.

MAGLOR-Kanafinwe, Makalaure, Kano, second son, the real leader maybe? Currently blind, refused his Ring of Water by Curufin and has renounced the Oath.

CELEGORM-Turkafinwe Tyelkormo, Turko, third son, back from the dead, Nar's father, bearer of the Ring of Sapphire, now wears the Ring of Hunting by Curufin.

CARANTHIR-Morifinwe Carnistir, Moryo, fourth son, recently resurrected, bearer of the Ring of Adamant, now wears the Ring of Strength made by Curufin.

CURUFIN-Curufinwe Atarinke, Curvo, fifth son, recently resurrected, bearer of the Ring of Ruby, now wears the Ring of Fire

AMROD and AMRAS-Telufinwe Ambarussa/Umbarto/Ambarto and Pityafinwe Ambarussa, Telvo and Pityo, twin sons of Fëanor, now living a mainly nomadic hunters' existence, GondolinRPG's very own set of Creepy Twins, wears the Ring of Fate and Ring of Dreams also by Curufin.

NESTALINDE, master healer, first assigned to Míriel, later the friend and midwife of Nerdanel, made a promise to look after her sons and intends to keep it. Very much a mother figure to some in the camp.

MENELVAGOR-Menel, Maedhros' friend from Aman, went with Maedhros to negotiate the return of the Silmarils, was captured but not hung on a precipice, had some strange experiments done to him

THELION and LOLINDIR, renegade Curvo-agents who tried to assassinate him, just because they wanted a little feelskie of the Silmarils. Current status: dead undead.


VILYO, Silmaril of the Airs of Heaven, Silmaril of Beren and Lúthien.
NARYO, Silmaril of the Fires of the Earth, Silmaril that Maedhros held when casting himself into a fiery chasm.
NENYO, Silmaril of the Waters of the Sea, Silmaril that Maglor threw into the Sea.


OLWE-Lord of the Teleri in Aman, brother to Elu Thingol and Elmo.

ELMO-Ticklish, brother of Thingol and Olwe.

VOLUë-harbour-master of Alqualondë. Volue is Telperina's father, Halatir's father-in-law, and MTuilo's grandfather.


MAIRON-the Admirable, original name of Sauron, has appeared as Sauron and Annatar in both Angband journals. He has quite possibly become permanently good after protecting Maedhros from Morgoth and destroying his One Ring. Mairon expended too much of himself and is no longer a Maia but a quendi.