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I want to return to my mother, but before I do, I need to hear Curufin's decision with regards to her... and me. After all, he has a new family now. And before I leave, I would like to see Maedhros.


Whoa, it really was late, and I really was practically incomprehensible. At least no repeating letters. Should've gone to sleep. Why do I stay up so late??

Mirdan is a clever enough guy. He follows the strange agentskies and slowly makes his way to the healing ward. He wears his Noldorin cloak, and most notable is the broach with the star of Feanor. He gets shunted to what is basically the Feanorian healing ward

Death Within Arda

This is not the first time I've died, but it will be the last. Quick, yes, but deaths are never entirely painless. There are some scattered memories, but my life doesn't flash before my eyes--it can't because most of my life was as a Maia. The irony also strikes me: I came into this world because I loved Maedhros and always wanted to be a simple elf so we could be together, but, when I am finally able to be with him, he has found someone else, my killer no less. Perhaps that is the result of being part of Arda Marred instead of being from Beyond Arda.

I pity Eglor, who has now seen my fate. Anarion can never even begin to understand a Maia or the enormity of rights and wrongs that Eglor has committed. There will always be the fear Anarion would stop loving him if he knew the darkest parts of Eglor's being, the monster he had become and is always in danger of becoming again and the cruelty with which he had acted. It's impossible to know for certain if Anarion would have fallen for Eglor if that programming to seek out the enemy and offer himself as a sacrifice was not there. Anarion can never truly love Eglor, and discovering this as an elf is a devastating thing.
Confusion piled upon deception. Deception piled upon confusion. The way of the World?

Puppy love

We escaped Angband successfully and now hide among the elves. No one saw us arrive. I suspect Eglor will take the shape of Taimavar and stay with Anarion. With Glorfindel dead, Taimavar will just be that befuddled elf who was once part of Gondolin's army. As for myself, I chose the form of a helpless puppy to reduce the chances of being found. Who would think I would leave myself vulnerable? Maedhros has always picked up strays, and I would happily stay a dog if he'd keep me.

day and night

I didn't happen to see the whole thing. I saw Glorfindel fighting someone who looked like an elf. It was horrible. They were so bright. Like one from Aman, but with so much hatred in their eyes. How could anyone have that much hatred and rage for one single elf? I saw the beginning. I saw the elf walk away and nothing was left of Glorfindel. It terrifies me. What could Glorfindel have done that deserved it? Deserved one of his Captains looking so overcome with surprise and... relief. I thought I knew him, I thought I'd known him for centuries. Apparently I didn't. How could one of our own kind hide -- I don't know what, but hide something that would make such a thing happen in my sight?


This is like the building of muscles that must be broken so they can be stronger. Your skin must be scorched so you can touch the sacred fire that will be revealed to you in time. No, don't move. Do you smell it? The rotting flesh, the evil that oozes from these creatures' broken bodies--they are not of Eru's creation but Aule's, a mistake brought upon by his impatience and arrogance. An evil warlike race. Look closely. They dream of wealth and fight for stones. They must be stopped. Cleanse the world like so. Devour their dead, destroy their dreams. We must make way for the Firstborn Children of Iluvatar.

Not mine

The Feanorions are not mine. Maedhros is not mine. And that is as it should be.

The Noldorin Children

Translated into English equivalents

The Noldor who left Aman are like teenagers who moved out as soon as they turned 18. They were desperate to be independent, and it came with a cost. They came straight out of high school, found a low-paying job, and struggled to pay the rent and make ends meet. We, the parents, let them do as they please and watch over them because that's what they wanted to do and we wanted to let them choose freely because they are their own person. Then they lose their jobs; the cash runs out; the debtors refuse to loan out any more money and seize their possessions; and they have 30 days to vacate the premise. We offer to help when we see they are still unable to find a solution on the 29th day. Instead of taking our hand, they bat it away out of pride. No, we need no help from you or anyone! Their brothers, now college-educated and making a good living, are hurt but can't do anything to convince them otherwise. On that 30th day, with only change in their pocket, the children run as fast as they can to find some place to live, even if that place is only an abandoned warehouse, and a job, even if it means sweeping floors. Better to be independent and poor than dependent for even a few extra years and be rich. Despite this, we will still help them when the time comes.

But know this: we will not let you keep one of our own. Oh, he might have joined corporate management--we all know how much he loves order and logic--but he is still our brother, not yours. Be obstinate and rebellious if you like, but you will let him go or else...

A doom none should speak of?


"Yea, in the end they shall follow me."

So it seems brother; we all have. But where does this path lead?


Elves of Aman

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